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What is VolleyballSeek Exactly?

VolleyballSeek is the most dynamic volleyball site on the Internet, bringing together the members and events of volleyball the world over into one interactive database. VolleyballSeek always has something new as visitors can post, search or edit camps, clinics, tournaments, players, officials, teams, coaches, links and even job postings. Anyone can become a part of VolleyballSeek. It is a great way to communicate with people that share a passion for volleyball.

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What does becoming a VolleyballSeek Partner Mean?

Partnering with VolleyballSeek provides your organization with an on line database of your members and events. Members can be teams, players, officials, or coaches and events can be camps, clinics or tournaments. This means you will be able to keep track of all members and events in your association in an easy to search on line format. This is different from an internal database as you and your members have access to the information 24 hours a day. Your organization can narrow the search down to its members using the criteria in the "location" selection of each of the search engines. For example, the Washington Volleyball Association will be able to see its members for each search engine by simply selecting, "USA:Washington" from the location criteria. Each category has the form field of "Organization" or "Host Organization" from which entries can specify membership in your organization.

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Benefits to partnering up with VolleyballSeek?

Since both your organization and your members will have access to this database 24 hours a day and seven days a week, you will see:

  • Improved communication between your organization and your members.
  • Improved communication between your organization's members.
  • Increased sense of "community" among your organization as it is often impossible for all members to meet.
  • Increased exposure and promotion for each of your events in addition to the promotional methods you are currently using.
  • Opportunity to increase membership in your organization, able to see entries under your location that are not yet part of your association.
  • It is only a matter of time before all organizations have on line databases of this format so why not let VolleyballSeek give you a jump on the process.

Effective communication is the heart and soul of any organization. It is well known that improving communication increases the effectiveness and efficiency of your organization. An increased sense of "community" in your organization will result from this improved communication. Easy on line access to member phone, fax and email information is the next best thing to all members meeting, which is often not possible. Also, any additional exposure for your events is something no association should pass up.

VolleyballSeek is still taking form and being a partner is a direct way to help shape VolleyballSeek so it would be of most help to your organization. For example, we are currently experimenting with categories listed in "Levels" for each of the search engines, that would apply to volleyball associations world wide. The sooner we receive your feedback regarding issues such as these, the greater chance they will be implemented, or seriously taken into consideration. We are not able to implement all ideas, but once we get categories that work for you, chances are they will work for your neighboring organizations as well.

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How do I Partner With VolleyballSeek?

You can partner with VolleyballSeek simply by emailing us, or you can fill in the partnership form. It is important to note that the success of your member registration in VolleyballSeek once you are a partner rests on your shoulders. Since they are your members, it is not proper logistics or etiquette for us to coerce members that are not part of our organization. VolleyballSeek will, however provide you with step by step advice on the best ways to encourage user registration and let your users know about VolleyballSeek. We have found that once people know about VolleyballSeek, they are eager to become a part of it and register immediately.

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How do I encourage my members to register with VolleyballSeek?

To register events, simply use the tournament, camp or clinic addition forms for the addition of events to VolleyballSeek. It is probably a good idea to put one person or group in charge of entering events. This is so passwords for the events can be kept track of, allowing the easier editing of entries and helps to ensure there is not a duplication of entries.

Since your organization already has control of the events it enters, this section will focus mainly on members defined as players, coaches, officials, and teams.

Once you have become a VolleyballSeek Partner, there are a number of ways to encourage your members to register themselves in VolleyballSeek. First, try to get cooperation or help from organizations that are related or affiliate with yours. For example, the Alberta Volleyball Association might talk to the Alberta Officials Association to get them going on official registry since they probably have best contact with officials, while the AVA can focus on teams and players registering. You can do this with all associations you work with, making the process much more efficient.

Next, decide on a short, easy to use name that is unique to your organization. For example, the USA Volleyball uses "USAV." It is short and all involved with that organization recognize it immediately. Chances are your organization already has an acronym or unique name it can use.

Chances are you also already have a way to communicate to your members, whether it be through a newsletter, your current web site, or even event information such as tournament info you hand out at events you host. All of these methods are viable and effective means to communicate your wish to them. If you are serious about getting your members to register with VolleyballSeek, mention this near the beginning of your newsletter or event information sheet, or on the top of your main page of your web site. Be completely honest with your members when telling them why you wish them to register. If they understand the reasoning behind it, they will be much more willing and eager to comply. Feel free to use information exactly as it is on this partnership information page to explain your intentions. Putting the message in one bulletin, or only for a while on your web page is not going to be enough. This process will take time and there is the chance that not every member is going to read each newsletter you put out. Be persistent in letting your members know about your intentions to create an on line community with VolleyballSeek.

It is important that you provide the proper link to our site as it is below so there is no mix-up as to where the site is:

It is also important that you mention to members to fill in your unique association name or acronym under Organization of the appropriate form. That should give you a good start to encourage your members to register with VolleyballSeek. Remember to be patient and realize that it will take some time, but in the end you will be happy with the results.

If there are any other ways we could improve these instructions or if you have ideas of your own to let members know about VolleyballSeek, please send us an email.

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Who can become a VolleyballSeek Partner?

Organizations of any size that have members consisting of any level of teams, players, officials or coaches or run events of any level consisting of camps, tournaments or clinics, can benefit from becoming a VolleyballSeek partner.

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What if I am not a State/Provincial or National size organization?

Organizations of ANY SIZE can benefit from partnering with VolleyballSeek. Even if you are city or regional organization, club, or a team, go ahead and encourage your members to sign up with VolleyballSeek. If you have not heard about VolleyballSeek's volleyball database from your state or provincial organization, go ahead and mention it to them.

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What if a member belongs to more than one organization?

It is easy to list multiple organizations with member entries in a comma separated list. For example, if an official belongs to a state and national organization he/she would list the organizations like this "State Organization, National Organization." VolleyballSeek does not limit you to one organization per entry.

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Cost or Obligations?

There is absolutely NO COST and no obligations, contracts, or agreements to sign in order to become a VolleyballSeek Partner.

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The Future of VolleyballSeek?

The first mandate of VolleyballSeek is to grow and change with the needs of its users. Feedback is the life-blood of VolleyballSeek and each piece of feedback provided by users is duly noted and logged. VolleyballSeek then uses this feedback to continually improve the service it provides. We currently receive over 750,000 hits per month and continue to grow.  We have grown to include volleyball news, scores, and our databases have grown to include job postings and Volleyball Broadcast Channels.

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Further Questions or Comments about Partnership with VolleyballSeek?

Email us with any further questions or comments you may have about becoming a VolleyballSeek Partner and we will be more than happy to answer them.



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